Why play is important

All children seek and maintain contact with their environment and the people around them through play. They play and in doing so, they discover, actively learn, think creatively and critically.

Through play, children develop as individuals and lay the foundations for becoming motivated and successful learners. His activity is closely linked to the environment in which he lives and always reflects the customs and traditions of the communities and cultures he lives in. The various activities and games support and stimulate the stages of personal, emotional, and social development and ensure the smooth development of language and communication.

At birth, children are ready, able, and, more importantly, eager to learn and to discover through their environment. They normally initiate interactions with others and explore the world around them according to their developmental stages. In all cases, development depends on a positive and safe environment around children, without which play cannot play its very important role in their lives. Creating this is therefore the primary objective.

Children develop strong and balanced personalities through positive relationships. It is therefore important that they receive regular and real feedback during their play. We should always support their developing skills, which will help them to develop their independence and give them a sense of achievement. The more we use tools, materials, and knowledge that are appropriate to the child’s environment and culture, the more motivated and enthusiastic the child will be. It is important to give them the opportunity to take risks and explore new things on their own.

Every child learns and develops in different ways. Smooth development is ensured by parents, carers and teaching assistants working together, including, where appropriate, a group of children with different developmental needs. Within the group of children, playful activities that provide shared experiences contribute to development. Some of these are collected in this publication to help you in your work.